The NoiseHouse is the​ global market leader ​in the creation of unique engaging and ​high quality radio shows. We offer state of the art productions tailor made for clients individual programming needs and platforms.

Our team of highly skilled radio producers, sound design engineers, professional voice artists, syndication specialists, presenters and scriptwriters combine to produce​ the best ​radio ​s​hows possible. We are masters at mixing music in key, original sound design, script writing, talent direction and concept creation. The NoiseHouse is ​unrivalled​​ in terms of creating unique and exciting sounds using the latest in music production technology and software.



The NoiseHouse is focused on creating new syndication opportunities for the radio shows we produce. Over time we have doubled the global listening opportunities for our shows by syndicating to radio stations worldwide and providing our shows to the in-flight networks of numerous global air carriers.  The NoiseHouse syndicates its radio shows to over 200+ radio stations in top markets globally reaching more than 90 million listeners​​ worldwide every week​.

We also​ connect our artists content with over 200 million listeners on the over 200,000 airline flights for which we provide in-flight music entertainment.

We create a syndication approach that is expertly tailored to find the right audience for the unique content of each NoiseHouse artist.



The NoiseHouse has identified opportunities to distribute radio shows and other forms of mixed music content in a manner that allows content providers to share in revenues resulting from the monetisation ​o​n of this content.

In order to facilitate this, The NoiseHouse has partnered with Dubset Media Holdings, which has developed a new, patent-pending technology ​-​ MixScan. which, for the first time ever, enables the monetisati​o​n of DJ mixed long-form audio content in a scalable and cost effective manner. This technology enables DJ mixed sets, live sets and radio shows to be properly fingerprinted, tracked and reported. This avoids the cost and time of pre-clearing rights to mixed audio content. Legal liability around the commercial streaming of the content is eliminated via strict adherence to DMCA regulations.

It is also now possible for brands to easily and seamlessly integrate their messaging with our exclusive content from the most popular DJs and​​ brands in the world.  ​B​y doing so, use NoiseHouse distribution platforms to effectively and efficiently connect with millions of music fans within the most sought-after consumer market segments.​