The NoiseHouse is a radio and audio production company, which specialises in the syndication, distribution and marketing of our content.   We are responsible for the creation, global syndication and promotion of radio shows, featuring the world’s top DJs, artists and club brands.

Simply speaking, our mission is to create shows that millions of people worldwide love to listen to, look forward to downloading and listen to throughout radio stations across the world. We are at the cutting edge of what is hot in this fast paced and ever-changing industry and have set the standard in terms of quality and creativity for what listeners expect from each new show.

The NoiseHouse is also focused on the monetisation, marketing and promotion of our radio shows and DJ mixes. With offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Ibiza we leverage our vast network of leading brand and advertising agency relationships to develop sponsorship and advertising opportunities around DJ mixed music content. We then deploy our expertise and resources around social media marketing and lifestyle engagement to support the promotional efforts of our roster DJs.  

It is our objective to effectively expand the listening audience for each radio show and creatively drive fan engagement with our radio show content.

NoiseHouse Roster